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The art of making a Greek Salad

454217_sEven if you have not come to Greece already, I am pretty sure you have at least heard what Greek salad is. If you haven’t this is a wonderful opportunity to learn it, and also see how it’s made. First of all, in Greece we call this salad “Horiatiki”. (From the word “horio”=village).The true ingredients of this salad are not lettuce, cabbage, beets or potatoes. Greek Salad’s ingredients were established many many years ago. Workers that were having their lunch break used to eat a tomato, a cucumber, onion and a little bit of cheese as a snack to keep their energy.Later on, someone decided to place these ingredients together in a plate and mix them. That slowly become what we now call “Horiatiki”. It contains tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese, oregano and olive oil. You will also find it with green peppers, or capers, but that varies according to which area/island of Greece you are. It is a typically “summer” salad, because all of its ingredients are fresh at this time of year. If you travel to villages around Greece, you will see that many people grow their own vegetables at their lawns and gardens.

Apart from the quality and freshness of the vegetables, someone must also take care of 2 things when making a Greek salad:8955415_s


1. The extra virgin olive oil

2. The feta cheese

They have to be of premium quality because they play a crucial role to the final taste result of the salad, so take an extra care on these 2. This salad has no dressing, only extra virgin olive oil. When you have finished eating the vegetables out of the salad, you will notice that olive oil has mixed with the tomatoes juice. That is the essence of the salad. Do not forget to dip your fresh bread into these juices. Mouthwatering experience. When preparing the salad, do not mix it. Your guests will mix the salad, by cracking the feta cheese into smaller pieces and mixing it well to blend the flavors. That’s their job, not yours!There is no right order for placing the vegetables. But remember to place the chunk of feta on top, along with some oregano. Of course the final step is to pour on top extra virgin olive oil.

Hope you enjoy it :)

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