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It’s melomakarona time!

December 18, 2019 greekbrands 0 Comments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s melomakarona time of the year…

Melomakarono (in plural melomakarona) is one of the most delightful Greek desserts made mainly from flour, extra virgin olive oil, honey and walnuts. Each bite is so delicious than you can’t even describe it…Thus, you are almost obligated to satisfy your belly by eating a second and a third and fourth one…

Melomakarono and kourabies, an almond-type cookie with a cover of powdered sugar, are both traditional desserts prepared primarily during the Christmas holiday season. Both are not difficult to make. You can find many recipes in the internet as well as step by step videos. It is also, without doubt, a pleasant activity to do with your kids.

Τhere are warm supporters of one and of the other, but during the last years melomakarona are taking the lead with incredible sales numbers, as there are many variations in the way they are served (dark/milk chocolate cover, with chestnut stuffing and with almonds or peanuts for walnuts)!

We, in Greek Brands, can provide you both, in order to feel closer to the Greek Christmas Spirit!

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