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Increased exports in Greek fruits and vegetables!

Greek fruit and vegetable exports are going to a new record in 2020, continuing the upward trend of 2019 that has been a record year for all seasons for fruit and vegetable exports.

George Polychronakis, a special Adviser-representative of the Association of Greek Enterprises for the export and distribution of fruits, vegetables and juices, underlines that at the end of January the positive trend continued with an increase of 10% while during the lockdown period through covid-19 pandemic, an increase of 17% was recorded.

Impressive is the increase in the value of fruits, mainly oranges and kiwis, which are exported by 31.1% in value and amounted to 333.67 million euros. Due to the pandemic, the consumption of mainly fruits and vegetables with vitamin C has increased, with the result that Greek kiwis, oranges and lemons have become sought-after abroad 🥝 🍊 🍋

The estimate is that the export of summer fruits is expected to have incredibly positive sign. As Mr. Polychronakis said “The importance of maintaining a healthy diet will be enhanced by this crisis and with it the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Nutrients are an important parameter in their selection, but the origin and traceability are the criteria for increasing demand.”

We couldn’t agree more, we tend to comfort ourselves with junk food, it is especially important to think clear and choose healthy snacks which contribute to our immune system.

Due to great climate and landscape, Greece produces high quality fruits throughout the year. Well educated producers and high standards packers are giving high quality fruits, packaging and service.

Greek Brands’ team is always ready to fulfill your needs of oranges, kiwis, lemons and many other high-quality Greek fruits & veggies, under the highest safety procedures.

greek lemon
greek kiwi
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