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Greek honey’s exporting power

Greek Honey bears the title “Nectar of Gods” which is a major truth, as its golden texture and its sweetness are making it a real nectar!
According to the results of lots of surveys, Greek honey is of high quality, due to the favorable climate and the significant biodiversity that our country has. It is a traditional product with great history and reputation, which also meets modern consumer requirements.

The honey produced in Greece can be separated into three major super-categories: floral honey called “anthomelo”, thyme honey called “thymarisio” and forest honey called “dasomelo” in Greek. While the EU’s apiculture sector isn’t hulking, it is important for agriculture, food security and biodiversity as bees pollinate cultivated crops and wild plants.

The EU boasts about 17 million beehives and 600,000 beekeepers, producing more than 250,000 tons of honey every year. This makes the EU the second biggest honey producer, after China. The major honey producing countries in 2016 were Romania, Spain, Hungary, Germany and Greece.

According to a new survey, Greece exports more than 90% of the European honey quota. As noted in the Economic and Commercial Affairs briefing paper, Greece has very important interests in honey exports to Korea, as in 2018 it was the world’s fifth largest supplier (US $ 653,000) after New Zealand $ 3.79 million), the United States ($ 3.58 million), Australia ($ 2.27 million) and Canada ($ 691,000).

Thus, Greece it was the world’s fifth largest honey supplier, in South Korea, last year.

Greece has more beehives per acre than any other country in Europe!

Don’t miss the chance to taste this unbelievable sweetness of premium Greek honey in your daily routine diet!

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