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Greek food on Taste Atlas list of world!


According to the World Taste Atlas for 2022, GREEK cuisine is ranked second after Italian


which takes the first place this year we are shocked!…that we are not in the first place…


After the GREEK cuisine, Spanish and Japanese cuisine follow.


Undoubtedly this proves that Mediterranean cuisine is undoubtedly the best in the world!


In addition to the list of the best cuisines of the world, Greek dishes were also present in the list of the most delicious dishes in the world, according to the World Taste Atlas 4 Greek dishes are in the list of the top 50 dishes.


In 15th place are the paidakia (meat ribs), and in 31st place… are you seated? It’s Gyros… We were expecting a higher ranking for this Greek feast of flavors, but we don’t want to be ungrateful…Followed by the gioubetsi (is a Greek dish made with chicken, lamb or beef with pasta and tomato sauce) in 36th place and the mpakaliaros fish in 41st.




Additionally Greek cuisine scored 4,68/5, with feta, gyros, souvlaki, moussaka and Greek salad were voted the best Greek dishes.

As GREEK BRANDS we are committed to continue to spread our magical Greek flavors around the world so that in the following years Greece will conquer the top of this list!

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A Greek flatbread traditionally baked on the first day of the Great Lent.

Tarama Salad

is a meze made from tarama (the salted and cured roe of the cod, carp, or grey mullet) mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and a starchy base of bread or potatoes.