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Greek Bakery Products: Tradition & Quality

Bread is a basic foodstuff with a high nutritional value. It belongs to the traditional diet and is linked to life itself.

In Greece the cultivation of land and cereals appears in the very ancient times BC.

In ancient Greece, bread was prepared and baked at home.

During the years and with the growth of the urban population there was a steady increase in trade and bakers slowly began to start businesses.

The basic food was identified with the sufficiency of goods (only the rich were able to eat bread) and its scarcity was associated with hunger.

Today, ιt is always  present at the daily  table and indoubtedly it is never missing from the Greek traditional table during big celebrations but also in exceptional cases, as a simple loaf, as a Christmas bun, as a bridal offering, bread is tied inextricably to the daily, festive and religious life of the traditional Greeks

Did you know that in Greece are produced lots of excellent taste and full of healt bakery products?

In recent years Greece has been producing excellent quality bakery products with a bit of a modern way but loyal to  the tradition of kneading and beaking from the very ancient times.

Greece has a traditional bakery in any neighborhood which are producing everyday delicious and smelly bakery creations.

The nice smell is making your day every morning.

If you ever visit greece dot forget to go to a traditional bakery shop and let the smell charm you.

Greek Bakery doesn't stop to bread!

Smelly tsoureki, delicious spanakopita, greek traditional cookies, rusks, breadsticks

But the industry follows the needs of the society and thus during the last 20 years, a lot of bakery industries in Greece are producing amazing bakery products for food service and of course retail.

You can find these goods at the local market fresh and deep frozen for the international markets for the maximum self-life possible.

Τhe producers have put the Greek identity on many baked goods such as

  • Phyllo pastry
  • Puff pastry
  • Spanakopita
  • Pizza

Especially for the international markets, art of state production combined with passion and export experience, create an opportunity for delicious, traditional and mainstream ready meals.

If you are in the business and interested to Greek frozen pastry or bakery – contact us – it would be our pleasure to serve you.

Also read about our visit to ARTOZA 2023, a bakery exhibition here

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