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Are you ready for a trip to Clean Monday’s table?

  • This day marks the beginning of Lent for the Orthodox Church. Clean Monday is so named because Christians are “cleansed” spiritually and physically. It is a day of fasting but also a day of rest for Christians who spend the day in the countryside flying kites and of course eating fasting food. That’s why we pray for a sunny day even if its Winter.

Let’s get a trip to Clean Monday’s table:

We start with Lagana bread which is a thin bread covered with sesame always
accompanied with taramasalata dip.

Continue with the main dish which is most of the times some sea food, such as
calamari, octopus, shrimps etc.

Also, there is no shortage of legumes (cooked without olive), but always accompanied by Kalamata olives.

It’s a fasting period but the dessert is a dessert!

Moreover, this day Greeks eats Halva which is made from tahini (sesame pulp) and comes in a variety of flavors and toppings such as with almonds, hazelnuts or raisins, with cocoa, mixed (half with vanilla and half with cocoa) or with dark chocolate coating.

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A Greek flatbread traditionally baked on the first day of the Great Lent.

Tarama Salad

is a meze made from tarama (the salted and cured roe of the cod, carp, or grey mullet) mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and a starchy base of bread or potatoes.